The effect of porn?

Sexual Performance Test for Men

Do you or someone close to you have a problem with porn? This section offers a simple sexual performance test. It can help men identify whether or not internet porn is a major component of any sexual performance problems they may be having.

Men’s performance test

This is a simple do-it-yourself test for a man to see if porn is related to a sexual performance problem. It was developed by Gary Wilson to help men find out if their sluggish sexual performance is related to porn use or stems instead from performance anxiety.

1. First, see a good urologist and rule out any medical abnormality.

2. Next, on one occasion masturbate to your favourite porn (or simply imagine how it was if you’ve sworn off it).

3. Then, on another occasion masturbate with no porn and without fantasising about porn.

Compare the quality of your erections and the time it took to climax (if you can climax). A healthy young man should have no trouble attaining a full erection and masturbating to orgasm without porn or porn fantasy.

If you have a strong erection in #2, but erectile dysfunction in #3, then you probably have Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED). You need to stop using internet porn. The Reward Foundation’s three-step recovery model is recommended.

If #3 is strong and solid, but you have trouble with a real partner, then you probably have anxiety-related ED.

If you have problems during both #2 and #3, you may have progressive Porn-Induced ED or a below-the-belt problem for which you will need medical help.

The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.

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